Who we are:


We are a team of engineers, software developers, and scientists from a wide range of fields, who are united by a single purpose:

Providing firefighters with real-time intelligence and information, assisting them in their effort to protect lives, homes, and our environment.


Two of Fireball.International’s founders are long-term volunteer firefighters, who have experienced the mental and emotional impact of battling the blazes and their aftermath firsthand. With over 50 years of firefighting experience and lots of “Ash on his Whites”, Fireball’s Co-Founder Tim Ball expresses why we are so passionate about what we do: “Watching fires burn and being part of the teams scrambling to understand the unfolding disasters, my mind often flashes to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Garden at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. When I walk through that garden, I see the names of dozens of people who I knew. I don’t want to lose more friends.” We are concerned that more frequent fires spreading over larger areas create a volatile situation for firefighters and our communities. Repeatedly responding to record-breaking wildfires stretches our firefighting resources to their limits, putting the firefighters and our community at increased risk.

It takes a community to save the village