Early Wildfire Detection and Assessment

As early as 3-5 minutes from ignition

Real-time Wildfire Mapping

Improving Firefighting Capabillities

Sensor Integration

Software and hardware integration and sensor system design for all platforms, big and small.

FUEGO - Fireball's satellite

Fire Urgency Estimation in Geosynchronous Orbit

FUEGO - Wildfire detection, assessment and mapping in real-time

In a world facing unprecedented wildfires, Fireball’s wildfire detection, mapping, and intelligence system offers an unequalled solution. Using satellite and ground-based sensor data combined with deep learning software, Fireball’s system detects fires as early as three minutes after ignition, allowing for rapid, effective fire suppression and safe, orderly evacuation. Not only does our technology detect fires early, it can also evaluate and map their growth and movement in real-time.

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